Watch a motivating overview of Greenville's Network for Southern Economic Mobility Capstone Event featuring Greenville native, Demetric Duckett, Associate Director for Capital Innovation at Living Cities. Watch Demetric’s full Keynote Address here. (30:51)


Greenville is in the red.

Greenville County is one of the most difficult places in the country to climb out of poverty.

>> MDC's State of the South (2014)


Greenville limits youth earning potential.

At any income level, but especially if you're poor and especially if you're a boy.

>> The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares


Yet, Greenville has historic job growth and low unemployment.

Greenville is one of the fastest growing small cities in America and we have thousands of jobs available for qualified workers.

>> Greenville Chamber of Commerce

Infrastruture BLUE.png

What's missing?

An infrastructure of opportunity to connect the people and communities in most need with all of the incredible opportunities our community provides.

This is the mission of Greenville's Network for Southern Economic Mobility Team.


Welcome to the Network.

In 2016 Greenville joined Chattanooga, Athens, and Jacksonville in MDC's Network for Southern Economic Mobility (NSEM) to help improve economic mobility for the most disadvantaged youth in Greenville County.


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 The Network for Southern Economic Mobility (NSEM) is a two-year initiative facilitated by MDC, a social-impact think tank based in Durham. The goal of the network is to help each city develop a long-range plan for improving economic mobility in their community by providing  opportunities for cross-site and community level learning, systems analysis and strategy development, and implementation coaching.  Network members examine how well existing systems are working to support economic mobility for young people facing the most difficult barriers to advancement, analyze the policies, systems, and culture that impede or accelerate their progression, and adapt relevant systems to improve pathways. Through our committed leadership team, Greenville strives to develop a targeted, cross sector approach to solving this problem.